10 Effective Employee Development Goals in 2021

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It’s no secret that business success is largely dependent on the skills and knowledge of its employees. Employees who are well-trained, motivated, and engaged will be better equipped to help your company grow. With this in mind, it’s important for businesses to establish achievable personal development goals (PDGs) for their staff.

This article will cover the benefits of employee development goals, remote team personal development goal metrics, and how you can create your own personal development goals for different-sized businesses.

Benefits of employee development goals

Employee development training很重要,但也是如此的员工发展目标,这些目标推动了独特类型员工发展trainingthat personnel receives. Both are essential because they can lead to career advancement for employees and better employee satisfaction and engagement.

And whether you’re a startup with just a handful of employees or work for an international corporation, better employee satisfaction and engagement are key to helping you retain and enrich your job force.


  • 明确的重点:When you communicate understandable employee development goals to employees, tasks are completed with a clear focus and a sense of where everyone is headed developmentally. This defined path will list priorities, while also letting workers know when they should approach tasks, how much time they should allow for them, and the frequency with which to delegate these tasks.
  • 更高的生产率:Employees who feel empowered and understand their career path will be more productive in their jobs since they know what is expected. Companies that invest in employee development goals through a formal plan also improve the way they operate,showing a higher rateof efficiency, increased employee morale, profitability and more.
  • 保留率提高:Employers who provide their staff with goals that they know will help them grow professionally are likely to see increased levels of engagement and loyalty. If employees are satisfied with the work they’re doing, chances are that they will remain at their current job.
  • Better work ethic:为自己设定个人发展目标通常会导致您通过承诺来完成任务。您实现这一目标的愿景也应该是尝试执行每项任务的动机。
  • Better workplace relationships:A commitment to personal development goals often elevates relationships with your coworkers. That’s because the value of good relationships with others comes to the forefront as you work to improve yourself. During this transition, employees may view you as a role model.
  • Increased engagement:This is where employees experience a deep emotional bond to the company and its mission statement. This can be difficult for some businesses to create since it requires an understanding of your staff members' passions and structuring any relevant员工发展trainingto meet them. However, with increased engagement, you'll generally see that employees who are engaged with their work and the company will be more productive.


Every company desires to hire the best and most skilled employees, yet many fail in cultivating these individuals into leaders who can contribute and add value. At the heart of it all is employee engagement, which business owners need to capture to be able to remain competitive and thrive. But what is employee engagement, exactly, and how does this factor into员工发展

Smarp probably总结员工的敬业度最好的话说:“从本质上讲,员工的敬业度是员工对组织的情感承诺。”不幸的是,最近一次盖洛普民意调查中的一个令人震惊的统计数据也告诉我们,员工的敬业度是徘徊在糟糕的20%. Meanwhile, a lack of defined goals often leads to disengagement and job dissatisfaction, which can then lead to them leaving the company.

这一数字可能意味着大约80%的人at your company may be looking for a reason to quit and got to work someplace else, which can potentially spell out terrible newssince 63.3% of businesses在各种规模的中,保留员工实际上比雇用他们更具挑战性。

不过,这并不是所有的坏消息,对自己的职业道路有清晰了解的员工更有可能保持参与和富有成效。这说明了the importance of employee development, and fortunately there are many things employers can do to retain their talent that we'll be discussing next.

Remote teams and personal development goals

Remote teams may face a few obstacles when it comes to setting up employee development goals, but they’re not impossible to overcome. When it comes to virtual employees, here are a few tips on how to create effective Personal Development Goal metrics:

  • Overall:Set clear goals with defined metrics, adhere to structured timelines for evaluation periods and check-ins for teams. Also, when supervisors create cultural norms and expectations upfront for their remote teams through a formal员工发展计划, it helps them visualize success and achieve it.
  • Assessment:创建远程员工发展目标的很大一部分是评估过程。简而言之 - 您如何确定他们希望实现的目标?首先从个人角度考虑一下,然后继续评估整个团队。然后,采取步骤为与您合作的每个员工制定计划,并使用诸如SHRM的员工敬业度调查或其他反馈机制,以跟踪他们在实现这些目标方面的进步。
  • 非正式反馈:If you’re not having regular one-on-one sessions with your employees, it will be more difficult to gauge their progress towards achieving goals. However, if they know what you expect from them and how that can help their career growth in the company, then informal feedback should suffice for a while.
  • Structure:Areas of employee development对于您的远程团队来说,这对于您的面对面团队很重要。随着远程团队的发展并增加了更多员工,有必要创建一个为他们提供所需指导的结构。这意味着实施员工发展计划或计划并举行定期会议,您可以评估他们在绩效和生产力方面获得期望的进度。
  • 称赞:It will also be necessary for managers and leaders in the company to recognize contributions made by their remote teams toward achieving personal development goal metrics. This can include praise via email or written reviews so they know where they stand at the company.

Metrics for personal development goals

Personal growth and development, either through external classes or training programs, may lead to a promotion down the road. Goal setting metrics enhance these personal development efforts and aiming for them will help employees grow in their specific roles, while also being able to see how they’re progressing towards becoming leaders within their company at some point.

While a team may have the same department or job titles, each employee will have his own set of personal development goals. These should be specific to them and their strengths and weaknesses—as well as what they want to achieve in working for your company.

10 goal setting metrics

It is important to create personal development goals for your employees because these will help them grow in their specific roles at the company and eventually become leaders within it. Metrics can help with this, and they are key performance indicators (KPIs) that help track performance in relation to how employees and the company are doing when it comes to PDGs.

These KPIs are vital to enhancing the skills and professional goals of your employees and providing them with ways to maximize their career potential. These types of metrics are also useful when they’re looking for growth or opportunities in other departments, as this can show how they have contributed to the company’s overall success.


  1. 新员工入职:该指标在雇用候选人之前开始。在访谈中,使用标准化的入职清单来评估候选人有关他们向上移动阶梯及其未来潜力的动力的评估。要提出的问题应确定因素,例如他们是否关心自己将要做什么或引起信任。
  2. 员工培训与发展:该指标主要用于通过评估他们是否帮助员工实现目标来衡量培训计划的有效性。
  3. 员工敬业度:这个指标显示了你的员工可能会be to give it all for you and go beyond what is expected from them. And if they’re satisfied with their position at work, then chances are they will work hard at helping the company achieve its objectives.
  4. Individual employee goals:使用KPI,您将能够了解个人在其个人发展目标方面的表现。在培养您的员工并确保他们拥有成功所需的东西时,必须拥有一套良好的KPI,并且可以帮助监视绩效,以便您确切知道每个员工在这方面的位置。
  5. 员工业绩:该指标对于跟踪您是否想知道员工的表现以及他们是否正在满足PDG的表现非常重要,因为这应该反映在其工作结果中。
  6. Increased employee efficiency & productivity:这是一个跟踪的另一个重要指标,因为它显示了员工在工作方面的表现。这也说明了他们是否在绩效方面实现了他们的期望,这将告诉您他们是否在公司内发展自己的道路。
  7. Peer reviews: These metrics are essential to monitor because you will be able to see how your employees are doing with regards to their PDGs. If they’re not meeting the set goals, then this is something that should really be addressed. On top of reviewing an employee's performance and evaluating their current progress, it would also help if you talked to them about their future potential and the ways in which they can achieve it.
  8. Company goals & objectives: These metrics should support what you want for your company. It’s critical to ensure that your employees are on track with helping you achieve these goals so they can meet their own objectives as well.
  9. Task completion vs. hours worked: This metric can tell you how well employees are doing at achieving their goals and making the most of what they”re given.
  10. Exit interviews: These provide information about what caused certain employees to leave the company, but they can also show how effective your employee development goals are.

Personal development goals for small/medium/large businesses

Personal development goal metrics you can use for any sized business, although they may need to be individualized a little, are as follows:

  • Small Businesses: Small businesses may not have the resources to hire an employee who is solely tasked with personal development goals. Instead, the management team or human resources can work on this part-time. There are also many companies that you can outsource core training and personal development goals if you are looking to shrink or stabilize the budget.
  • 中型企业: Businesses that are medium-sized should aim to create an employee development plan or program that has goals in place for employees who are currently performing well, as well as those who may need more guidance.
  • Large Businesses:更大的组织应审查其现有计划,并查看如何改进它们,以便在经理和团队/部门之间的绩效期望方面可以更好地对齐。


Here are some next steps and key takeaways for improving your employee development goals:

  • Employee development goals track how employees are performing and growing, while metrics help determine if these PDGs reflect your company’s overall business objectives.
  • Once you decide it is time to implement metrics, it is time for you to hold a meeting with your employees to go over the EDG and metrics you will be using. This way, they can take ownership of their own development goals and push themselves to improve in the areas that matter most for them personally.
  • After establishing key performance indicators, they will need to be monitored regularly to track each employee's personal growth and progress towards their specific EDG and for reporting.

If you would like to know more about how employee development goals can be used to benefit your company, be sure to check out Matter's helpful tips about what goes into effective员工发展programsand more on our blog.

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